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About us

Frederic Dewinne, Oswald de Riemaecker and Pascal Paulis started to develop continuousphp back in 2013 when they found that something was missing in the PHP ecosystem. They strongly believed that an Agile methodology needed to be backed by a comprehensive Continuous Delivery Platform.

Few platforms existed at that time, and none of them were completely thought for and by PHP developers. Many acknowledged tools and industry standards from the PHP ecosystem were not fully integrated to meet PHP developer’s needs. This is how the story began.

Thanks to this team’s involvement in the PHP world, continuousphp takes advices from a lot of different PHP developers and SysAdmin so that they exactly know what they need to embrace DevOps culture...


Frederic Dewinne

CTO & Co-Founder

Continuous Delivery/Deployment addict in the PHP world. After many years of consultancy, Frederic met his partners and created continuousphp in order to help PHP developers to adopt industry standards.

He's also a senior consultant and IT trainer specialized in PHP apps testing (unit test, behavior test...), Zend Framework (also a contributing developer), Zend Server and JavaScript technologies. Particularly interested in industry best practices, Continuous Delivery, application and system architecture.


Oswald De Riemaecker

CEO & Co-Founder

Agile and DevOps Evangelist. By working for many years on various projects, Oswald mastered many project management methodologies, Agile practices and principles having proven to be the most successful.

He supports and coaches development teams so that they implement these principles and practices, including Agile development such as Unit Testing, BDD, Continuous Integration/Delivery and Deployment.

Being a Linux and Open Source supporter for many years, he’s a firm believer in the DevOps culture. He coaches and gives the best tools to developers in order to streamline the product development till deployment.

He likes shaping infrastructures as code so he can build scalable cloud infrastructure.


Pascal Paulis

Core Developer

Pascal holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and is PHP & ZF Certified Engineer. He started to work as a SysAdmin and web developer. Thanks to his experience with end customers and as a consultant, he's developed a strong expertise in Continuous Delivery, Behaviour Driven Development and API Design.

Clément Venet

Sales Director

Clément has a Sales and Marketing background. He has sold software and professional services for the last decade, and he’s been working enthusiastically within the PHP ecosystem for 7 years.

Through trust and long term follow-up within strategic business alliances, Clément is excellent at building strong and personal relationships with customers and partners.