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10 reasons for PHP Developers to use continuousphp

1. A PHP solution for PHP Apps from PHP experts

continuousphp is a PHP-centric Platform as a Service to continuously build, package, test and deploy PHP applications in the same workflow. Developed by PHP experts, continuousphp orchestrates the best PHP community tools to deliver better PHP projects faster.

2. Automate all the things – but keep them under control

continuousphp handles the orchestration of the pipeline activities and PHP tools – but you’re still the boss! If tests fail/pass, you decide whether your code changes will be deployed or not. If you chose to block your changes, you get notified when the test fails for fast feedback.

3. Fast build through automated activities parallelization

All pipeline activities are parallelized: packaging, testing, quality analysis tools and deployment. Some activities like Code Coverage are run separately and are non blocking. This optimizes the workflow and ensures fastest deployment.

4. continuousphp automatically detects your project settings

Tired of clicking buttons and writing scripts to configure projects? continuousphp detects your project settings automatically. No need for you to indicate the path to the required files.

5. Builds executed right away

Builds are executed as soon as you commit new code. No storing in endless queues, no need to wait for the build jobs to end, no two-class system where you have to pay to have better performance. continuousphp is a Lean PaaS that drives performance.

6. Create your infrastructure in minutes!

Create your infrastructure, pipelines, builds and tests on the fly. continuousphp's smart UI helps to configure your pipelines and to make your app ready-to-use within a few minutes.

7. Deploy in seconds!

Once your app is built and tested, it is seamlessly deployed on your hosting solution, using AWS CodeDeploy, Zend Server's Deployment module or a generic Tarball.

8. Working in teams around the world

If you work within a team where members are located all around the world, on premise is not really an option. So having a platform available from everywhere at anytime is mandatory.

9. Make your team actually work TOGETHER

continuousphp enables you to define your strategy by creating your custom pipeline based on your branching model. Whether you are a Project Driven organization and you need to have the latest features validated by your Product Owner on a staging environment or you are Feature Driven organization using feature flipping to release them continuously.

10. Forget about maintenance

As a cloud-based platform, continuousphp doesn’t require any maintenance from your side. Everything is permanently under control. Our PaaS is continuously updated with new features, bug fixes or security patches – and you won’t even notice it because we deploy it with continuousphp.

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