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DevOps Platform for Developers!

continuousphp© is the first and only PHP-centric PaaS to build, package, test and deploy applications in the same workflow.

We encountered many issues when we tried to implement our new continuous delivery workflow, then we started to use continuousphp and it saved us tons of clicks, days, scripts, and eventually money... Adopted! Fredrick Williams, CEO at My Pet Credentials, Inc. • November 2015
For me, continuousphp means simplicity, efficiency and ability to customize. The new pipeline configuration process makes it even easier and clearer to put a workflow in place. Pierre Tomasina, CTO at PowerLAB • October 2015
Checkout the code

Prepare your code

Install dependencies and execute project specific tasks


Run tests

Test and analyze your code in parallel

Package the application

Package the app

Use generic TarGz package, Zend Server or AWS CodeDeploy

Deploy the package

Deploy the package

Deploy on project/ref specific environments

Seamlessly implements continuous deployment into your project

It's all about time and money!

No need to spend hours configuring and maintaining servers and third-party tools, continuousphp handles that for you. Very simple to implement: just a few clicks and you're equipped with a solid Continuous Deployment platform.
Very performant: we provide you with the fastest testing and delivery workflow.

It's all about time and money!

Seamlessly implements continuous deployment into your project

The configuration tool will help you to easily set up your deployment and testing pipelines, to deploy tested packaged applications on your destinations.

Scalability and performance

Scalability and performance

continuousphp is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) based on a solid cloud infrastructure. Whatever the number of projects or branches you have, you will be able to add new builds and testing environments on demand.

What we rely on:

  • php
  • PHPUnit
  • Zend Server
  • Phing
  • GitHub
  • Composer

Our partners:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Docker
  • Zend Technologies
  • Vesperia

They already trust us:

  • BookMyLimo : Program your driver worldwide
  • European Comission
  • Ministère de l'économie Luxembourgeois
  • OAT - home of tao